How to heal your body with this powerful healing technique.

Every human being is a multidimensional .We have access to various dimensions and various Super Human power is within us.We have the ability to heal our own body and others as well.

But how we are going to do this?. Do we really have that much power to heal any disease or life taking illness? The Answer is yes!!!

Every day try to meditate see the inner self of you which will help you to access all the powers .Fill your mind with Divine energy sit in a calm and compressed place and focus on healing .Try to free your mind from Violence ,greed and Negative emotions .Instead focus on good things which you  try to nurture yourself with nature .Nature has enormous power which you cannot even imagine ,Nature will automatically connect you to the Universe .Take a several breaths concentrate on breath continuously, in one stage when your mind becomes free of thoughts at that moment consciously touch the part which needs to be healed of any disease or any part of the body which you want to be healed .Because our body is physical and soul is multi energised and multidimensional. When we awaken the soul within us we will realise the fact that our physical body is just an instrument which has been reincarnated to fulfil Karmic desires.

In ancient times Yogis and Rishis used to survive without food and water but still they were healthy and maintain a good body.Because they used to do yoga for physical body and meditation for good mental health .When you start using your physical body in a proper way by doing yoga, physical exercise and proper diet and good meditation no disease or ill health in this World can come near you.

When you are able to use mental, Physical and Energy of body in proper way you can lead a healthy life.

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