5 ways you should know about how to become what you want to be?

In life many times you will reach a bad state of mind unknowing the fact that you will be attracting more bad state by doing that. The most pathetic state of mind and situation occurs when you keep thinking bad situation and circumstance which is already occurred to you in the past and in your mind you are replaying the same record every time . Due to which you will go to depressed state of mind where you will be developing hatred towards yourself in every aspects. When you are going through such situation you might think that you are not fit to live in this World and you are not capable of anything which makes you eventually to lead a pathetic life.

Finally end up by what you do not want to become in life.

So here I will be discussing 5 points which helps everyone to come out of any state of mind and attract what they want to become in life?

Firstly, Power of Thoughts our thoughts has immense power that it can create anything in this world. When you keep thinking about success, wealth and prosperity you attract same thing in to your life. When you keep thinking about good things and people one or the other way you will attract the same into your life. Please refer change the pattern of thinking to change your life as told by legends https://ascensioninhumanlife.blog/2019/09/25/change-the-pattern-of-thinking-to-change-your-life-as-told-by-legends/(opens in a new tab)

When there is situation in life when you see bad circumstances in spite of being positive (since we are in third dimensional World) that moment immediately feed your mind with imagination that only Wonderful things are happening to you,create the opposite situation in your mind that this is a wonderful moment which is happening to me right now and just dwell in that reality. That situation will completely change in matter of seconds (Neville Goddard technique)

Second trick is Affirmations (Power of Words) some will be bad in imaginations so those people can go ahead with Positive affirmations .Ex: Repeat affirmation like this   All wonderful things in the World is happening to me right now and believe that this will happen to your life in one or the other way. All good things will happen to you .You will be amazed to see the results (Even I followed the Power of words and affirmation to greater extent this is what completely changed my life).

Initially it will be frustrating that affirmation is not happening immediately but keep practicing and make it a habit in your daily life then slowly see the magic (This is the First step which I took towards my ascension path.)

Thirdly, Power of Believing and Prayers when you Pray to god wholeheartedly with complete devotion and faith you might have seen the result of happening it in the next moment .The Entire universe is evolved by many angels and Archangels so when your Prayers are told with Purity and feelings then what ever you ask in this World should Come to you and it will be answered in no matter of time. Because during prayers you involve your thoughts, feelings and Emotions in positive manner so it will be answered.

Law of Attraction: Speaking to the Universe do you know that Plants, tress, Butterflies, Birds, and sky, stars, sun and the moon everything in this World has Power, Energy and Vibration .When you sit in the nature and do meditation or just keep looking into the sky or moon ,stars they slowly start to respond because even they are part of you and Universe.When you put across your vibration, Energy and tune in to the frequency of the Universe you can resonate to their vibration and ask their help for your desires to get fulfilled.

Finally, Act as if your desires has already been fulfilled and become the one which you want to be!!!Yes you heard that right when you start behaving and acting as if your desires is already been fulfilled then eventually in no matter of time you will attract what you want to be!!!

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