How to attain Superpowers through Spirituality

In Universe initially when human beings were created we had all Super Human Powers like Levitation, Invisibility,clairvoyance,clairaudience,clairsentience,Telekinesis,Psychokinesis,Immortality,Teleportation,Super strength, Super Speed, Time Travel, Telepathy, Super brain power and Regeneration.

All human beings used to use their Super powers immensely in the earlier days when Earth was created those times people were not worried about money or Luxury or status .That time they were trying to put their time and attention in God’s prayers and Spirituality was their main priority. They used to pray to God, Angels, Archangels and all Divine power of the Universe and Higher masters and they used to come to their help whenever they asked for .They used to travel from place to place through levitation and used to communicate to people through telepathy, Move the distance objects very easily through the power of Telekinesis. They used to lift the heavy objects with the power of Super strength, In case of emergency they used to use Super speed power to reach their destination. Many Kings used to use their Time travel ability to change the Past and Future. Ancient Scholars were born with special abilities like Super brain power where they had enormous and divine knowledge which they used to serve for the welfare of humanity.

But there were few people who used to use the superpowers in negative way in order to harm others and destroy them ,since for bad deeds God and Divine power doesn’t support they used to seek the help of Evil power through rituals and Spells and used to invite Demons to do their Demonic work.

The ancient scripts and books that supports super natural powers are below – which supports the Super natural Powers of ancient people by the use of Spells, Rituals and Divinations. They used to invite angels and Demons to work for them and follow their instructions.

1. Greek Magical Papyri

2. The Black Pullet

3. Ars Almadel

4. Picatrix

5. Galdrabok

6. Arbatel De Magia Veterum

7. Ars Notoria

8. Pseudomonarchia Daedonum

9. Sworn Book of Honorius

10. The Book of Abramelin The Mage

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The Ancient kings used to take help from certain demonic monks who used to help them to acquire Kingdom through certain Rituals they even used to destroy regions through floods and dangerous diseases, that is the kind of dangerous impact which ancient rituals had. They used to burn villages together to acquire the lands and show them their power and Kingdom. This is the negative impact of super powers.

There were many Monks, Saints, Rishis, Spiritual Masters who arouse to preach for the welfare of mankind when there were so many misleading situation prevailed in the Universe.

To gain Super powers you need to do sadhana(Continuous Practice) can be attained with deepen Concentration and meditation the User will be accessed to various dimensions.All Powers within us will start awakening by exposing to the Universe.

One of the famous Spiritual leader and Philosopher like Gautama Buddha he was the founder of Buddhism in  6th Century.

Buddhism arose in eastern part of Ancient India .This is one of the ancient religion practiced till today. The Super natural powers which Buddha had was

  1. Iddhividha – the power of transformation like Flying in the air, walking on water, Getting in to Earth /Universe.
  2. Dibbasota – clairvoyance and celestial hearing where he was able to hear from very far or near.
  3. Cetopariya – the power of discernment of the mind of others.
  4. Pubbenivasa –Had the power to know the knowledge of previous birth and power of knowing previous existences.
  5. Dibba-cakkhu – celestial vision, which enables one to see heavenly or earthly things, far or near, which are imperceptible to the physical eye. 
  6. Asavakkhaya Knowledge with regard to the extinction of passions. knowledge of the ending of mental fermentations.
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Buddha developed these Super powers with the power of concentration and meditation which enabled him to get enlightened and allowed him to know the real aspects of true life and he used these powers for the welfare of humanity and to teach his disciples the way to resurrection.

In supporting the above Powers there was a story of Buddha where the city of Vesali was completely endured with pestilence and evil spirits for 3 years .So the villagers’ seeked the help of Buddha to purify the city with his presence. When Buddha entered the city the entire city became free from all evil spirits.This is the proof of the extreme power which Buddha persuade.

One more Famous Person was Swami Vivekananda ,he was a famous Indian Hindu Monk .He was the one who introduced philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western World. He was the major Force in the revival of Hinduism in India.


He was exposed to many superhuman powers .The yogic power possessed by him was divine. He was a powerful saint with immense Knowledge and Concentration power he was able to conquer the Universe. He was aware of the Universal secrets and was able to attain his desires through freewill.

He had immense power to travel to the different part of the World through Teleportation .He was Excellent in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Telepathy, Time travel, Super brain power and past life regression.

One of the best Vivekananda’s story was one of his disciple approached him and asked that he wants to know and experience illusion (Maya).Initially he denied but due to his repeated request he kept his hand on his shoulder immediately the disciple was able to teleport in to different parts of the World and was able to experience different illusions at once, so the disciple was impressed and shocked by the experience which he had because of Vivekananda’s Supreme power.

When human beings through continuous efforts of meditation they will be opening all 7 Chakras of the body, Once all the chakras is active Kundalini Power will be awakened. Once your conscious raises to higher level you will be able to access all the super power within you and able to know all the secrets of the Universe. During the process of awakening you can ask help of angels ,Archangels and all the Divine power of the Universe. Not only that you can use this Conscious to travel to different dimensions and will be able to do immaculate things around the World.

Super powers are nothing but awakening the powers within you which already god has given to you. I hope this article will be helpful for all of you for awakening your special powers.

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