Our human body is comprised of 114 chakras 7 of these are major junction points and there are 72000 energy channels.Chakras are distinct energy centres that starts at the top of your head and end in the bottom your spine .In Chakra meditation techniques it mainly focuses on chakras to get open and keep them in balance and alignment .Once you’re able to tune into the energy of chakras it is start balancing and clearing the blockages of negative energy. Then you can heal the energy field and raise the frequency and vibration.

ROOT CHAKRA (MOOLADHARA CHAKRA): It is represented by Colour Red. This is an Earth element.This Chakra is located at the base of the Spine. The characteristic of root chakra is Survival, basic needs, Physical aspects of life, fundamental needs of our life is related to this chakra. This chakra is most attached to our primal instincts and instincts of survival. When this chakra is activated this is aligned to the new or pursuing a major life goal. When your root chakra is blocked you may feel panicked or anxious. This one will be associated with worries about the survival. The blocked chakra results in lower back pain and low energy levels. The chant to activate this chakra is LAM.

SACRAL CHAKRA (SVADHISHTHANA): This is the Second Primary chakra. It is represented by Colour Orange. This is a Water Element. This chakra is located two inches above the Root chakra. This represents the Vital force. The Characteristic of this Chakra is Strength, honour, bravery, intuitiveness and creation. All aspects of the goddess encompassed in second energy centre. The Sacral chakras associated with creativity, pleasure and relationships. Creative exploration of life is associated with this chakra. If this chakra is blocked there is feel of fatigued, lack of desire, insecurity, and lack of creativity. Stomach, Ovaries/testicles liver, Gall bladder and lower intestine is associated with this chakra . The Chant to activate this chakra is VAM.

SOLAR PLEXUS (MANIPURA): This is the third primary chakra. It represents yellow colour. This is the Fire element. This chakra is located 2 inches above the Sacral chakra(upper part of the belly).This chakra associated with extreme intellectual capabilities ,clarity of judgements, Personality, Self-assurance ,confidence, Independence. This is connected with Sun, heat, the energy of light, all forms of energy. It plays a vital role in the development of the personal power. When this chakra is balanced you will be assertive and get the results with no efforts .Good balanced relationship with surroundings. If this chakra is blocked you will be manipulative, misusing power, lack of ambition, feeling of helplessness, irresponsibility. Organs which is associated with this chakra is Pancreas and digestive system. The chant to activate this chakra is RAM.

HEART CHAKRA (ANAHATA): This chakra is the fourth chakra .It represents green colour. This is air element. This chakra is located at the heart level. This is associated with the love, compassion and Joy. The characteristic of this chakra is sense of caring, generosity, kindness and respect. This is an ultimate healing force. Heart chakra allows to recognize and get in touch with sacred truths of life and connects everything together. Heart is the energy centre of the love. When this chakra is opened heart becomes balanced and opens to all and accepts all. You start enjoying nature at the most. When this chakra is blocked you will be living in past troubled life. Grudges, rage, revenge, feeling shy, emotions are bottled up. The organs associated with this heart and lungs. The Chant to activate the chakra is YAM.

THROAT CHAKRA (VISHUDDHA): This chakra is fifth primary chakra. It represents blue colour. This is Akasha (Sky) element. This is located in throat level in the neck region. This chakra helps in expressing authentic communication and speaking and seeking truth. Which provides enormous knowledge to communicate in proper direction, Knowledge to seek beyond time and space. The balanced throat chakra helps in excellent communication, creativeness, being empaths and intuitive abilities of spirit. The imbalanced throat chakra can become manipulative, sarcastic and being dishonest. This chakra is associated with organs like thyroid gland, neck, ear and jaw . The chant is HAM.

THIRD EYE (AJNA): This chakra is sixth brow chakra. It represents Indigo colour. This is light element. This is located between eye brows. When pineal gland opens this chakra gets activated and allows to have clairvoyance and see the unknown which enables you to have the illusion, intuitive wisdom, wisdom of the Universe, Perception, and manifestation. When third eye is imbalanced cynicism, depression, paranoia, mental illness and disorders occurs.Connection to soul becomes problematic and stubborness in behaviour. Our pineal gland is responsible in regulating sleep cycle and spiritual conscious, when you are exposed to sunlight more you are able to stimulate the pineal gland. The parts which is related is eyes , forehead and pituitary gland. Chant is AUM /OM.

CROWN CHAKRA (SAHASRARA): This is the Seventh primary chakra .It represents white /violet colour.It is located at the top of the head. When this chakra opens this is our connection to the Universal energy and to your higher self. This chakra enables to see past and future .It helps to see the supreme power of the Universe and connection to Divinity .Strong nervous system. When this chakra is blocked depression, headaches, dementia, and neurological issues, mental disorders, fear, and spiritual crisis, learning problems persist.The chant is AHH/ANG.

These chakras of the universe will awaken you to new world which you were not aware until it was awakened. we all are reincarnated in this birth to know the reason and to have the experience of all the unique gifts which is there on earth already .There are so many unanswered questions and mysteries of the universe which we do not get answers after many births.So when you start awakening the chakras one by one you will start unlocking the answers.

I hope this article is helpful for each and everyone of you inorder to awaken the Universe within you.One of the main rule of Universe is to spread love and affection to all so let’s all travel in this ascended path .

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