7 Spiritual Secrets of Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy is an ancient science which is concerned with transformation and change of esoteric aspects to free your deep core wounded beliefs and fears. Alchemy is an ancient practice of which is related to mystery and secrecy. This divine alchemy is used for immortality, everlasting and enormous Wealth. This enables you to become the Pure and ultimate Soul by freeing from all your core and negative beliefs it also helps to unlock the full and complete potential of oneself. It is a connection which connects all religions and faith in spirituality. Alchemy is a complex spiritual view of the World where entire Earth is guided by Universal spirit and metals like gold had life and are supposed to be grown inside the Earth.For Alchemists metal were not just a substances but they are considered to attain spiritual perfectionality by going through different stages of development.As per them human beings can attain and become like gold after going through several stages.

In order to experience the higher levels of Divine Soul by allowing transformation into one whole being. There are 7 various stages of spiritual alchemy.

CALCINATION: This stage allows you to break the worldly attachment. This is the stage where you can see the third dimensional illusion, misleading beliefs, egos,Jealous,rage,revenge, status, prestige, wealth, which is associated with the detachment of materialistic possession which can be left aside and can be explore the divine which is residing within themselves. In Universe the revolutionaries and conquerors will be born only when they are Calcinated as gold by dissolving all earthly materialistic aspects.

DISSOLUTION: This stage adds authentic emotions that arise. The   Transformational dissolution connects with the divine emotions which emerges and protects by ignoring the feelings of ego and other miserable feelings as wrong. As a whole the traumatic and painful memories of the past will be rejected and allowing it to let go by filling with new perception of the divine .

SEPERATION: In this stage alchemist separates the products of dissolution. When we make our thoughts and emotions separate from other useless thoughts and emotions. When you become aware of your feelings and thoughts where it is the conscious process to review and discard the unwanted thoughts and feelings to refined with new personality. This is letting go of the self-inflicted restraints to our personality so that we can shine bright.

CONJUNCTION: This is the fourth stage of Alchemy in which after Calcination, dissolution and separation of your thoughts and feelings it is required to combine the remaining element within the process of Conjunction. Here we can accept all the sincere and true parts of our self. This helps to get unified with the inner self by acknowledging the possibilities of challenges and purification process of previous stages. The esoteric aspects of it involves meditation between the soul and spirit which is divine, which eventually makes us to align with new belief system and intuitive state of consciousness.

FERMENTATION: This is the Fifth stage of Alchemy in which supreme spiritual power energises and enlightens the Alchemist. Fermentation belongs to the prayers and desires which is confirmed from divine energies where they completely lead us. A mystical union where you are guided by higher conscious. This involves reincarnation of oneself .Fermentation has two parts Putrefaction and Spiritization.Putrefaction involves rebirth by decomposing the old belief system of oneself.Spiritization occurs when you are completely guided by the higher conscious by completely creating new evolution.

DISTILLATION: This is the sixth stage once you are inclined with spiritization it is required to implement this in everyday life without allowing the previous habits by self-realization and inner peace.  With increased concentration and purity of higher power you become aligned with Universe and other life forces. Where you can see all beings as one and try to relate with them. This is located in the third eye where pituitary and Pineal gland located and unlocks the secrets of the Universe by itself.

COAGULATION: This is the last stage of alchemy where a permanent evolution of consciousness that relates with higher aspiration and evolution of mind. Here the alchemist can exist in all reality and level of truth and life. Here the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul ,where it is like newly born child with no scars of sin and Karma and leading a life like god by tuning into the Divine and higher self of all. Crown chakra is related this process.

As per Alchemist gold is considered as the highest metal which symbolized with highest development of renewal and regeneration to make it complete perfect form in the same way when human beings go through all above stages they will become pure as gold by connecting with Divine , higher self and Spirit beings.

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