Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Quantum Physics is associated with nature and behaviour of matter and energy. Quantum mechanics differs from classical physics in that momentum, energy and other quantities are often restricted to discrete values which can be called as Quantization.

Quantum mechanics this is completely associated with science. Physicists and scientist talk about consciousness as well by explaining how quantum is connected to consciousness by linking it to thoughts and emotions of the human body.

Every aspects of the Universe is associated and connected with each other. Quantum physics has become the strong part of all spiritual practices that has been leading mankind to divine new conscious. This has become main frame of virtual reality. The Quantum world supports the reality .Quantum science also states that consciousness is the highest rule of the Universe that cannot be created or diminished. It also proves that there is no concept of time and space.

Quantum physics is one the main reason for the advancement of the technologies it also gave rise to new age electronics, Cryptography, computer and electronic devices. It also gave rise to many previous mysterious and unexplainable theories like black hole. Consciousness and quantum physics is correlated, atom is composed of invincible force field which emits electrical energy, and we all know that electricity can be measured but it is not solid matter. Universe is made up of energy. It is found that matter is only energy.

Energy is also considered as consciousness and Consciousness is known to change the pattern and nature of matter and energy.

One of the best way to explain consciousness and quantum physics is through Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics .This theory was explained by Niels Bohr in 1920 .This  theory is an interpretation of physical system do not have definite set of properties before being measured by observer. Quantum mechanics allows and determines the possibilities which would produce probable results. The wave function of that particular physical system will collapse due to the observer’s Consciousness. This also helped Schrodinger Cat hypothesis ,When this was applied in everyday objects. This allowed to find some sort of absurdity in the thought process of the system. It is also said that Schrodinger produced the term ‘Verschrankung’ meaning is entanglement, developing thought experiment (quantum entanglement).

In this experiment a cat, a flask of poison and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity the flask is shattered, releasing the poison, which kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics helps to know that the cat is simultaneously alive/dead. If someone looks in the box can come to a decision that cat can either be alive or dead. This gives the one possibilities or the other.

Basically, quantum physics tries to analyse the things that are experienced in life through thoughts, feelings and emotions are originated from energy or light. Universe is associated and considered as product of consciousness. Quantum physics explains that Universe is associated with infinite field of energies.

Scientist still confirming that past, present and future are still in wave forms and what is the reason for their existence? The effect of thought is much faster than light .Thoughts and brain activity occurs unconsciously before you become aware. When negative thought arise you can fill those thought either with the positive thought or ‘no’ thought. It is possible for us to reconstruct the past events with positiveness in the mind level. Human body represents light in the form of Consciousness in the smaller level. Sun is the major light of consciousness in the higher level in the space. The Entire Universe is connected by one source, one light and one Eternal energy. Our thoughts are connected to our feelings which eventually creates our reality. Human beings are associated with thoughts of light what you keep thinking you become the same. Our thoughts and energy are more powerful that it can create or destroy any reality. Most of the time whatever we imagined, visualized and believed about our self that is what we become. Whatever the current events and situation is occurring in your life that is the result of your thoughts and reflection of your mind.

Quantum physics which is associated with the electron field contains space and time. At quantum level Evolution of quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle and cosmic evolution these points have proved that spirituality is somehow connected to quantum.

One of the famous principle of Dalai Lama which explained about quantum physics is that where energy is beyond everything tangible and material. When you raise your physical consciousness to the highest and make it more relevance that will shape your outer reality in the current World. Your emotions and thoughts define your reality as stated by Buddhism.

I hope this article will try to connect you all with Quantum physics where you can imagine yourself in space and align your spiritual aspects to revitalize and rejuvenate your thoughts and emotions.

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