Napoleon Hill’s rules for triumphant life.

Every aspect of life is measured by Success ,when you try to find it at the earliest you can enjoy the life for longer. There are certain people who identified this secret at the earliest,who not only know the success formula but also know how to achieve and implement in life step by step. Among them one of the best person was Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill was an American Author,who wrote famous books like ‘Law of Success ‘ in 1925 and ‘Think and grow Rich’ in 1937.These books have helped millions of people to achieve their goal. Who was also considered as father of personal success genre of literature. He has changed millions of people’s life by making them successful by his work. He was a big motivation on success and personal achievement of people. He was considered as one of the best motivational author and speaker of his era.

There are 10 main rules of success given by Napoleon Hill below:

HAVE A DEFINITE PURPOSE OR BURNING DESIRE : When you have definite goal and ambition only then you will try to reach your destination. When you have burning desire with definite plans, persistence and actions need to be taken, the entire Universe will make sure that you will attain the desired result with complete determination.

GET ALONG PEACEFULLY WITH OTHERS: Your energy is precious, do not waste it in fighting over petty things .Better dream of higher most things and remain civilized and calm in any relationships.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: When you believe in your plan believe that it will be reached and achieved for sure. No one else will believe if you yourself have doubt on your plan, always be focussed and visualize the results to reach the desired destination.

YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOURSELF: You are limitless. If you have burning desires, there is no one who can limit you from achieving your goal. Never regret or blame others for your failures. In this entire World only person who can stop you is yourself .Break the barrier and move towards the unstoppable version of you.

TAKE ACTION: In spite of having faith,good idea if there is no action taken towards your goal it is of no use .Take control of your life and take action, implement it every day ,month or years together or you can make it as every day habit only then you can reach your goal.

IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY: No one in this World want to be around bad person. Read books, develop friends and be an empathetic person to attract people towards you. Why do people listen to a person whom they do not like?

CREATE,RECOGNIZE AND ACT UPON OPPORTUNITIES: When you start thinking out of the box and believe that the idea can have great impact,make sure that you take appropriate action accordingly. Do not let go off any single opportunity by procrastinating things ,which would delay your success.

SUCCESS MUST BE PLANNED: Success can come to you even before you have planned. Success can be achieved in higher only when you take others as well along with you,without violating rights of others and helping others along with you.

MOVE WITH COURAGE AND DETERMINATION : When you start moving with courage, faith, determination no power in this World can stop your success.

CONCEIVE,BELIEVE,ACHIEVE:  Thomas A. Edison one of the greatest scientist in the field of invention, within only 3 months of common education, he conceived and believed that he is going to do something outstanding and get succeeded as well.  

Napoleon Hill also said that self-discipline is one of the main aspects to build a successful life. Please find the below rules.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”.

Keep cool while others go hot: Make and persist patience when others go angry do not show your anger just because they showed.This would diminish your growth.

Three sides to all arguments: Your side, the other person’s side, truth or correct side. Because there are chances that both the parties can be true or one party can be correct and the other one may be wrong or both parties might be wrong. So investigate in all the 3 angels.

Don’t give directives to a subordinates when you are angry: When you are in angry or tempered mood do not take any decision,Once you are cool and calmed your mind ,then you can direct the team with correct instructions.

Treat all people like you would treat yourself: Respect everyone and treat everyone the way you want yourself to be treated. Respect and dignity is what everyone expects from others.

Look for the seed of an equivalent benefit for every unpleasant circumstances you are in: No matter how much bad the circumstance will be, make yourself disciplined so that it doesn’t become a wound by growing a seed of bad circumstance.

Learn to ask questions and listens to the answer (How do you know?): When you ask question to someone have the patience to listen to the answer. Once they answer,if you are not satisfied with the answer and with the given statement if you have doubt and suspicion you can ask them how do you know? and most of the time you can find that there is no answer from that person one who has given the wrong statement.

Never say or do anything before thinking if it will benefit someone or hurt them: Do not hurt anyone by intentionally or unintentionally be careful in your behaviour, because whatever you give to others will come back in 100 times with compound interest since it is a law of gravity.

Learn the difference between friendly analysis and unfriendly criticisms: Please be aware of the difference between friendly analysis since it will come by more sensitive people and analyse the tone of the voice which indicates whether it is a bias or its a criticism from unfriendly person.

Remember that good leader is one that can take orders cheerfully as he gives them: Good leader is one who not only gives orders to others but he also takes the orders from his seniors as well as his employees when in need.

Tolerance: When you portray tolerance it will be maintained by others as well in the same way as you maintain it.

Napoleon Hill ‘s teaching has helped millions of people to grow in all aspects of life and his teachings has made huge impacts on successful people such as W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino. So we have given all the rules and steps which is been followed by him and his followers which can change anyone’s life. Hope by following these rules you can achieve everlasting and immaculate success and whatever you know please share it with others as well, so that even they also can grow with you this is the Ultimate rule of the Universe.


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