Divine Consciousness

Consciousness is a state of awareness of both internal and external existence. Human Consciousness is related to brain .Our brain has 85 billion neurons .Consciousness constitute of thoughts, feelings and awareness.

Lower Consciousness :is made up of ego, jealous and Selfishness, blame game, inferiority and Superiority Complex. Where you will be having access to limited beliefs.Depressed state ,frustration and agony becomes part of your life.

Higher Consciousness: Universal Oneness, Extraordinary thinking, extraordinary brain ability, able to get into different dimensions, Quick Manifestation power,ability to think, feel and Vibrate in the higher frequency.Achieving and attaining tremendous success in all part of one’s life.

3rd Dimension: Conscious is completely made up of time and space .Here People believe in logical thinking, proof based and accept the Outer reality as it is. People Are Egoistic, Jealous, and Selfish and are attracted towards money, Possession, Status and Luxury. People are manipulative and believe in life and death concept .They believe what they see. Materialistic aspects of life becomes their main priority .In 3rd dimension people operates with limited belief seeking to egoistic life where they carry emotional baggage of Past ,Which never allows them to go forward. Here the inner realization is limited where they never experience other dimensional beings or awakening until near frustration, depression and near death experience occurs in one’s life.

4th Dimension: Consciousness is being and creating awareness of the internal body and seeing and thinking from outside the physical body. Seeing and experiencing the things and people with high sensitivity. The focus of interest changes to Love, Compassion, Harmony, Kindness and Generosity, Forgiveness, Selfless service, Mindfulness and completely removing negativity from the root and increased Vibrational level. Adaptable to more and more knowledge and understanding.

These are the symptoms that you are in 4th dimension.

Synchronicity with 111,333,222 angel numbers and getting more messages from Divine masters. These messages and numbers which you will be seeing entire day frequently will be for your highest good.

Energy flowing to the Entire body. Abundance of Energy starts flowing entire body activating all chakras.

Food habits –While travelling in 4th dimensional Conscious your Physical body stops having junk food and you will be prone to nutritious and green vegetables and preferred to follow Alkaline diet. Because foods like Organic fruits and Vegetables, Natural supplements, Herbs and spices, Nuts and seeds, Legumes are high vibrational food.

Extra- terrestrial Beings: You sometime notice that extra-terrestrial beings from other dimensions are trying to communicate to you. Ascended masters or Spiritual guides try to communicate to you and you feel they are directing you in the correct path and you start seeing Colours when you close your eyes. Increased vibrational level to manifest anything.

Intuitions –You become more intuitive and able to know what happens in the future .The knowledge of the Universe and you get the ability to know the future of the World before itself.

Time and Perception –Time passes very fast than you imagine and your perception towards everything starts changing immensely.

Fifth Dimension: is a Unity Consciousness where love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Compassion can be observed everywhere.

Life in 5th Dimension will be like Heaven where Love and Compassion in Communication.

No more Ego, Selfishness, Jealousy and Poverty.

Abundance of Health, Wealth and Prosperity prevails everywhere.

Human Beings realise the fact that we are Divine Beings. People will meet Ascended masters, Angels and Divine beings and travel to different dimensions of the Universe. In 5Th Dimension the fear, Depression   and Emotional baggage needs to be left at the door.

In this dimension there is no time and space !! Past, present, Future happens all at once. There is constant experience of Oneness in all. There is no separation .Some times in dreams many people would have experienced of having tremendous and immaculate experience of this dimension .Here all become light beings with unconditional love. Sun, Moon, stars ,Clouds ,trees ,plants,birds,animals everything will start communicating to you.

Instant manifestation becomes your routine. You start meeting good people where ever you go. You have access to change not only your life but others as well.

The Entire World is resonating towards the frequency of higher vibration and we soon will be reaching the destination as an awakened Soul. Because more and more souls are awakening at this point it is no surprise when the entire Universe (Earth) will become Heaven soon.

Divine Consciousness is prevailed already in each and every ascension being but until and unless this is been awakened we never see the reality of the Universe and our Soul purpose why we are reincarnated in this birth.Once the Soul is awakened and unite with Heart and Body ascended Soul become master in them self and the entire Universe abide them and try to follow them not only that we become authoritative soul to access different dimensions and parts where all the secrets resides and that can be unlocked easily .There are many mysteries in the Universe, which is unanswered for ages together till now ,only awakened soul gets access to all of this.