9 Universal Frequencies to resonate and change your life.

Spiritual Frequencies and Vibration of Sound which helps to tune into the frequency of the Universe to attract and maintain the frequency in our Physical body. Universe reciprocates to the Energy, Vibration and Frequency it does not understand any other mode of communication.

Many years before a Benedictine monk named Guido d’arezzo introduced musical frequencies. Later that was organized and introduced by Joseph Puleo .

When human beings starts resonating to the Universal frequency they are able to create new World not only for themselves but for everyone. We instinctively try to understand vibrational connection through Sound. The Power of Sound can be possessed to use for Healing, Weapon, magic’s and super powers to invite all divine Powers of the Universe. The tone of sound has such a drastic impact on human cells that it can heal any incurable diseases in certain frequency .Sound frequency has both positive and negative impact in healing.

Cymatics is a science of observing the effects of sound and frequency in the form of liquid or powder.Many experiments has shown successful results of Sound waves.

There are certain frequency which is mentioned below which helps you to resonate yourself with the Universe.

174HZ :This is a Pain relief frequency .The Frequency enables sense of safety and secureness to encourage the organs to do their best .This helps in relieving lower back pain, legs and foot pain.

285 HZ: This is the frequency to heal tissues and cells naturally. This helps in restructuring the damage organs and rejuvenate and energise the entire body.

396 HZ: This is the tone of healing which cleanse the feeling of Guilt and fear. Which clears the fundamental obstacles of realization .It helps to arise from subconscious negative beliefs and Thoughts. This Frequency is associated with Root chakra and helps in balancing Root Chakra.

432 HZ is tone of divine intelligence, wisdom of Universe, Divinity in body and Soul. It creates Oneness in humanity it creates Love, Joy, Compassion and all positive vibration .This vibration creates inner peace and harmony which creates magnanimous inputs and optimum resonating frequency to the inner body cells  and outer physical body.  This frequency clears negative blockages and helps to rejuvenate thoughts, feelings and vibration.There was a German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann he documented Schumann resonance in 1952.He identified the frequency of the Earth’s heartbeat .He also identified that the 432HZ is the the theta range and Alpha range which makes conscious relaxed and intuitive.

528 HZ  : is a tone of miracle healing which repairs the Cells and DNA .It helps in increased amount of energy. Sunrays, rainbow, flowers bees vibrates at 528 HZ.Nature vibrates in this frequency. This is a heart frequency which connects heaven and Earth together. That is the reason this is called as miracle tone. It provides more self-confidence and self-esteem by balancing and tuning Solar plexus chakra.There was an experiment conducted by John and Nancy Hutchinson in Mexico in 2010. They used 528 HZ frequency to treat the water in Ocean where they were able to reduce oil and grease in the water to larger extent.

639 HZ: This is the frequency of Love, Radiance, balancing harmonious relationships and raises Positive energy. This frequency helps cells to communicate with its Environment. It helps in balancing Heart Chakra. This is an Angelic healing tone and Isochronic tone which helps to communicate with different angelic and light beings from different World.This 639HZ was originated from Joseph Puleo he was a Physician and American Herbalist who produced electromagnetic sound frequencies for harmonic relationship, partnerships and spreading love and maintaining Social circle for the welfare of Humanity.

741 HZ: This frequency cleanse Aura by removing toxins, negativity and develops self –expression which helps for stable life. This frequency acts as a protective shield for negativity when there is more and more pessimistic things prevailed around us. This tone also helps in awakening intuition.

852 HZ: ‘Returning to spiritual order’ .This frequency helps to know the illusion of life to identify the core value of truth. It is Deepest healing frequency which can heal the deepest wounds in the Conscious and heart. This is a sacred frequency which can heal any destructive thought patterns .This frequency enables to open the third eye chakra .Awakens intuitive power and hidden inner power within us. This also helps to contact spiritual gurus who helps you to contact other dimensional being. The Ajna chakra awakens pineal gland once it is awakened innumerable powers comes out of the human body.

963 HZ: This is the frequency of the God. Which creates highest frequency of Universe and attracts all positivity of the Universe. This frequency activates Crown chakra where it represents Unity and Oneness of the Universe. It spreads Unconditional love and Compassion . This is one of the ancient healing technique of Body, mind and Soul. Ultimate purification of Aura from the Universal Consciousness.

In order to lead a highly successful, manifested and higher dimensional life it is required to follow the above frequencies which is highly effective when listened before sleep.Hope this article is helpful for each and everyone of you and brings drastic changes in your life.