Joseph Murphy’s teachings to manifest a perfect life.

The most significant rule of life is to keep your conscious mind busy with expectations of the best things for oneself .In reality most of the time we keep thinking about negative things which happened to us but the actual way to change the current situation is to think good ,positive things and Promising things which can change your life. When your desire becomes your prayer always imagine and picture the fulfillment of your desire now in the present moment,you will start to experience the prayer to be answered. In the Entire World if anything can upset you is it’s your own thought so be aware of what you keep thinking ,Think about the highest good to your Life in all aspects. Do not carry the baggage of others bad emotions in life forgive quickly and move on quickly.

The way to get rid of darkness is light, the way to overcome bad things is by doing good, and the way to overcome negative thoughts is by filling your mind with Optimistic thoughts.In the whole World do not give any rights or authority to anyone to deplete your goal. Use your talents to serve humanity and to reveal God’s wisdom, truth, happiness and his words to people.

Your subconscious mind functions harmoniously and peacefully and coordinating with the thoughts and images which appeared in mind during prayers. The Whole World Gets answers to their prayers not because of religion, Creed, rituals, Incantation, offerings but because of the belief that the prayers will definitely will be answered in one or the other way. In prayer you completely involve your body, heart and soul so when you’re putting your heart’s desire to the subconscious mind it will reciprocate for sure.

The miraculous power of subconscious mind was there in the Universe before Humanity came into existence. The Wonderful amazing transforming Power which can liberate everyone from Poverty, failure and miserable state is when you Co relate and Unite mental and emotional state of what you wish, then subconscious mind will respond to the creativity automatically.

There is a Universe in each and every one of us which can bring glorious, successful and infinite abundant life which can fetch you enormous extraordinary lifestyle which everyone dreams by unlocking and tapping the power of subconscious mind. There are subconscious and conscious mind which is been represented as objective and subjective mind.

The mind is considered as Garden and thoughts are meant to be seeds in your subconscious mind .When you start begin to sow the thoughts with right actions and feelings like happiness, success and prosperity you will start to reap the glorious harvest. Subconscious mind cannot differentiate between good or bad, so whatever you sow you will be harvesting.

One of the legend who explained the power of subconscious mind in detail was Joseph Murphy who was an Irish born, he was an American Author, thought minister of Divine science and religious science. Murphy was able to make his reach of subconscious mind in various subjects like Wealth, happiness, Relationships, Mental blocks,Fear and youthfulness.

Through his legendary motivational speech he has transformed many lives. He has claimed that the subconscious mind never sleeps and rests. Before sleep you can pray and instruct your desires in the ‘wish fulfilled state’ then eventually you will be delighted to notice that the desires will be fulfilled with glorious results. He has mentioned the potential of subconscious mind as omnipotence which can unlock the secrets of the World.

One of the best example to support this was one of the women who listened and followed his preaching acknowledged that she was an old women who was a widow , she was living alone on a pension and wanted to marry a person who can support and take care of her in her olden days when she was trying to follow the affirmation repeatedly with faith and believes she got a person who lived the same life as her expectation and was ready to marry her.

Secondly, a women had a bad memory where she was repeatedly without realizing telling to herself that she is losing her memory ,as days passed on this was becoming true .But once she realized her mistake of affirming bad statements to Subconscious,she changed the statement that she had wonderful memory and affirming good statements to the mind as a result she gained her memory after 3 weeks of time.

Thirdly there was a person who was suffering from Tuberculosis, his lungs was badly diseased and his son tried to heal him by getting a splinter of wood and designed it as real true cross and gave to his father telling him that this is been brought from a monk from one of the healing shrines in the Europe and told his father that many were healed by just touching the cross. Father immediately he snatched the cross and kept in his heart and prayed with faith and went to sleep, in the morning he was cured completely when examined with Doctor the report was cured .This was one of the best examples of Subconscious mind from Joseph Murphy.

When you start believing the things blindly without any facts and proofs to confirm the act then your subconscious mind has complete control of function, sensation and all conditions of human body ,so it is no surprise that when you believe and act as if your prayers are already been answered in reality you can see the obvious changes.

Prayers are one of the definite techniques to be healed by involving Conscious and subconscious mind for definite results. Any method which makes you free from worry, doubt and fear would allow you to get your accomplished results. One of the best master technique given by him for removing fears is when you’re afraid of Water, mountain ,audition or interview you can imagine in your mind several times a day. Then you will be compelled to project the image in the outer World .This proves that Everything is possible for Subconscious mind. The inner realization, making the mind quiet, approving the images , the positive scenes ,blue prints, affirmations is the main aspects which supports the subconscious mind for giving perfect results.