Bob Proctor’s Knowledge for Prosperous life.

Bob Proctor entrepreneur, a teacher, a writer, a business consultant and counsellor, the man is famous for his motivational speeches. Bob proctor’s bestselling book “You Were Born Rich” has gained much following worldwide with his other works including ‘Mission in Commission’, The Goal Achiever, The Winner’s Image, The Recruiting Puzzle, The Success Puzzle, The Success Series and Being the Very Best.


“People who are interested in doing something will do it when it’s convenient. People who are committed will do it no matter what.”

“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big. So exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.”

“See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It works every time with every person.”

“Everyone should have a sense of urgency – It is getting a lot done in a short period of time in a calm confident manner.”

“Once you make the decision you will find all the people, resources, and ideas you need every time.”

“Everything you are seeking is seeking you. Therefore, everything you want is already yours. So you don’t have to get anything. It is simply a matter of becoming more aware of what you already possess.” 

“Know what is happening around you. Be in control of what is happening within you.” 

“Our attitude is the environment we carry with us during the day. It proclaims to the world what we think of ourselves and indicates the sort of person we have made up our minds to be. It is the person we will become. How’s your attitude today?” 

 “Always ask yourself the question, is this going to help me get to my goal or not?” 

“Science and psychology have isolated that one prime cause for success or failure in life. It is the hidden self-image you have of yourself.” 

“Don’t be a victim of negative self-talk. Remember, you are listening.”

“Become personally involved with your dream and make it a priority, or it will never become a reality.” 

“Everything has been created twice, once on a mental plane and one on a physical plane. What you think about you bring about.” 

“By visualizing your goal already completed, you flip your mind onto the frequency that contains the way that it will be attracted to you.”

“One thing you should never, never do, is worry about whether or not you’ll get the amount of money you desire, because we tend to manifest that which we focus on, so if we’re focused and worried about not having money then we tend to attract more of that way of life, as opposed to if we focus on what we do want and what’s possible and what we can achieve, then we tend to gravitate towards that.”

“You will attract everything that you require. If it’s money you need you will attract it. If it’s people you need you’ll attract it. You’ve got to pay attention to what you’re attracted to, because as you hold images of what you want, you’re going to be attracted to things and they’re going to be attracted to you. But it literally moves into physical reality with and through you. And it does that by law.”

“Gratitude is an attitude that hooks us up to our source of supply. And the more grateful you are, the closer you become to your maker, to the architect of the universe, to the spiritual core of your being. It’s a phenomenal lesson.”

“The thing that keeps me going is that I love what I am doing. And I stay young because I don’t hang around old people, if you hang around old people you are going to become old!”

“Your real purpose in life is to develop yourself. To successfully do this you must always be working toward a goal.” 

“Don’t let your present problems defeat you. The Chinese have a saying that if you live with a disaster for three years it will turn into a blessing. Look back in your own life at what appeared to be a devastating situation five or ten years ago. Many of those situations were the turning point that caused a number of great things to happen in your future.” 

“Anyone who has ever accomplished anything of any consequence, didn’t know how to get what they want, they only knew that they were going to get it. You don’t know how to do something, until after you’ve done it. Our problem is, we set goals to do what we think we can do or what we’ve already done. There’s no inspiration in that.”

“You must begin to understand that the present state of your bank account, your sales, your health, your social life, your position at work, etc., is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking.”

“All of the great achievers of the past have been visionary figures; they were men and women who projected into the future. They thought of what could be, rather than what already was, and then they moved themselves into action, to bring these things into fruition.”

“We have to understand there are two parts of our mind, there’s the conscious and the subconscious. It’s the subconscious that controls our behaviour. It’s the conscious mind where the intellect is resident. So the conscious mind is understanding information, but it’s not internalizing it.” 

 “The fear of making a decision is the result of fearing to make a mistake – the truth is, the fear of mistakes has a greater impact on you than making the mistakes.”

“People with the best intentions will often give you advice on why you shouldn’t take a risk because of what could happen. While some of what they say may be true, you should never allow them to get their negative anchors into your mind because, like them, you too will begin to sink. Next time this happens, throw them a life-line, and ask them what is good about their situation.” 

“Quite often very talented people FAIL because they believe they are too big to do the little things, while the most successful amongst us are quite willing to do the little things. They truly are BIG people.” 

“Remember – no limitation can be placed on you by anyone but yourself. With your imagination you have a unique ability to draw on an infinite source of supply. There is power in thought.”

“I believe people should study a little bit every day. It should become habitual, like brushing your teeth, combing your hair, having a shower or getting dressed. Study the mind, the laws of the universe and paradigms. There’s enough information on those subjects to keep a person studying forever.”

“Self-confidence is a must for a fulfilled life. If you have a divine self-confidence, you know how fortunate you are. Study yourself, you have awareness and infinite power within you. Choose to build an image in your marvellous mind of what you want to do. Happiness, health and prosperity will be your rewards.” 


1. Discover your purpose.

2. Don’t waste your minutes.

3. Stand Out.

4. Seek failures.

5. Conquer your own limitation.

6. Go to experts for advice.

7. Don’t worry about what others think of you?

8. Crash through the terror barrier.

9. Develop your imagination.

10. Change the Paradigm.

11. Change yourself.

12. Expand your awareness.

13. Replace a bad habit with good habit.

14. Surround your mind with greatness.

15. Be honest with yourself.

16. Get into the success zone.

17. Be a leader.

18. Know where you are going.

19. Be open minded.

20. Be willing to do what is required.

Prosperity habits as per Bob proctor:

 1. You should have definite, measurable financial goal.

2. Go for study program-Cultivate the habit of reading books.

3 .Find Ways for continuous new source of income.

4. Mix with successful people.

5. Attribute of successful people is they listen to others. Listening involves emotions .Listen carefully, you should let yourself emotionally involve in other person’s conversation.

6. Expect to be prosperous- fully believe to be prosperous.

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